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Bible of King Wenceslas, The (Codices Vindobonensis 2759-2764). Manuscript in the “textualis formata”, a gothic book type face modeled to the outmost perfection in two columns, in black and red. Prague about the end of the 14th cent. 20⅞ × 14⅜ in (530 × 365 mm). With numerous text initials, partly large-sized

654  miniatures  +  picture  initials

on the biblical events in general and the symbolism of King Wenceslas’ Bible in particular and

numerous  partly  story-telling  and  really  page-breaking

marginal  decorations

as  a  ne  plus  ultra  of  splendour .

All this in many colours inclusive of richest gold. Complete facsimile edition of the illuminated pages originally in respect of size, colours and hand-trimmed margins. 607 leaves or 1214 pp. in 8 vols. + documentary strongly reduced black-and-white reproduction of the text-only pages being unfinished relating to illustrations. Together 9 vols. 1981-98. Large 2°. Gold-stamped dark-brown leather on 5 ribs with the gold-stamped love-knot on front covers in slipcases with gold-stamped back-plate.

One of 780 numbered copies only plus 30 others.

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