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In its Overwhelming Wealth of Decoration

enchanting and — bewitching :

The Bible of King Wenceslas

( Wenceslas IV of Bohemia, Wenceslas I of Germany )

The Oldest German Splendid Manuscript

of the Old Testament

Bible of King Wenceslas, The (Codices Vindobonensis 2759-2764). Manuscript in the “textualis formata”, a gothic book type face modeled to the outmost perfection in two columns, in black and red. Prague about the end of the 14th cent. 530 x 365 mm. With numerous text initials, partly large-sized

654  miniatures  +  picture  initials

on the biblical events in general and the symbolism of King Wenceslas’ Bible in particular and

numerous  partly  story-telling  and  really  page-breaking

marginal  decorations

as  a  ne  plus  ultra  of  splendour .

Bible of King Wenceslas

All this in many colours inclusive of richest gold. Complete facsimile edition of the illuminated pages originally in respect of size, colours and hand-trimmed margins. 607 leaves or 1214 pp. in 8 vols. + documentary strongly reduced black-and-white reproduction of the text-only pages being unfinished relating to illustrations. Together 9 vols. 1981-98. Large 2°. Gold-stamped dark-brown leather on 5 ribs with the gold-stamped love-knot on front covers in slipcases with gold-stamped back-plate.

Added  like-wise in German:

  1. Krieger, Michaela, Gerhard Schmidt et al. Die Wenzelsbibel. (Explanations to the illuminated pages.) 1996. 4°. 230 pp. With 29 ills. Orig. cloth. – Commentary I.
  2. Heger, Hedwig, Ivan Hlavacek, Gerhard Schmidt et al. Commentary II as a tour d’horizon. 1998. 4°. 250 pp. 1 l. With 239 ills. on plates. Orig. cloth.

One of 780 numbered copies only plus 30 others. – Vols. II ff. + commentary volumes also apart available; please ask for the conditions.

Bible of King Wenceslas       Bible of King Wenceslas


translated  into  the  people’s  language

here by Martin Rotlöw into the German soon after 1388 and contemporarily realized as a work of art in the miniature painter’s school at Prague established by the German Emperor Charles IV, Wenceslas’ father, and worked just for the latter, being in its decoration the crown jewel of the whole group of “Wenceslas’ (splendid) manuscripts”. Beauty and importance of this first German Bible-part are so extraordinary that even a “marketeer” saw a chance to make a deal with it as a take-along reduced to just a third (sic!) of its size.  Here  now the  original  edition  as the only one sufficient to the pretensions of the original.
Offer no. 28,991 / EUR  29900. / export price EUR  28405. (c. US$ 36636.) + shipping


Bible of King Wenceslas - Love-Knot

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